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June 2023

Transform Your Wardrobe with These Summer Fashion Staples

Make a Splash with Your Summer Outfit and Have Fun under the Sun!

Time to face the scorching yet exciting summertime as it begins! It is the season of flip-flops and tank tops as the sun dawns upon our golden skin. So, let your Summer outfits beam brighter than sunny days, and look no further as Apparel Group has your back! Our array of cute summer outfits is ready for you to wear. From Men’s, Women’s to Kids’ clothing, the selection is novel and show-stopping! Bask in the Glory of Apparel Group’s Summer Fashion Staples and commence the fun.

 Check out these Apparel Group top brands that will bring on the heat this summer!

Beat the Heat with LC WAIKIKI Summer Colours

What a great time to go down the beach and sink your toes in the warm sand! LC Waikiki’s summer fashion outfits are perfect as they feature breezy and bright fabrics that are perfect to wear under the sun. Boho chic again rises to the surface to steal the spotlight this summer. LC Waikiki offers novel summer outfits for women through a genius combination of bold colours, linens, cotton, and textures that can be dressed up or down to your liking. You can sit by the shore in the morning and quickly head straight to a dinner party! Put some avant-garde accessories to create a higher degree of style while at it. If you would like a more relaxed fit, add a colourful crochet bag, thick sunnies, and a statement hat, and let the breeze sweep away your hair.

Not only that, but LC Waikiki also presents fun summer outfits for men that incorporate creative designs and breathable clothing that will surely make you a dashing debonair even under the summer heat. The linen blazer and trousers are heavenly crafted for men like sleek yet relaxed outfits this season. You can pull off bright colours like their orange button-up or pastel graphic overshirt.

And, of course, it would only be complete with the cutest summer styles made for kids. Think brighter and lighter for the summer season, as LC Waikiki gives you an adorable lineup of tank tops, pants, dresses, swimwear, and accessories that can accompany your kiddos as they play with the sand. It is also the perfect attire for their summer activities, such as going on road trips, hanging on their floaties, or eating sweet ice cream!

It is an excellent time to ride the waves and surf the store as we plunge into the water!

New Summer Wardrobe with NewYorker

Elevate your Summer Fashion with the NewYorker pieces that are made to be shown off this season!

Girls Cute Summer Selection from R&B Kids, Girls Cute Summer Dress from R&B Kids

Beam out your coolness while wearing summer outfits for men fused with that signature urban flair NewYorker is known for. Choose between the vibrant Hawaiian shorts and button-up set or the Baseball style tank top and shorts combo, bringing you comfort and style. You can also select eye-catching novelty shirts with anime and lettering designs that complete your most relaxed summer outfit. Remember to spruce it up with matrix-esque shades, dapper hats, and classic slides. Men’s summer fashion has never been this good!

This season, show your unmatched feminine energy with NewYorker’s Summer outfits for women. It exhibits coastal aesthetic pieces with vivid colours and fun, distinctive textures. These cute summer dresses have different silhouettes that accentuate the body while keeping it airy, along with straight but charming skirts that cascade down your waist perfectly. At the same time, the quintessential summer staple will never be cropped out! The variety of fun cropped tees and sleeveless tops are abundant to offer you choices as it is the easiest thing to throw on for a simple or eventful day.  Lastly, finish off the perfect summer outfit with the Y2K-inspired accessories. With NewYorker, you will emanate the heat of a thousand suns everywhere you go in the summertime.

Cute and Casual Dress up in the Summertime with R&B Kids

Jump in the fun and dress up with R&B Kids’ summer clothes! Featuring a bright colour palette and cute designs that represent your little one’s energy. Let the boys run in comfortable yet relaxed summer attire that matches their sporty habits. They can play ball or skate around the park as they happily parade their favourite summer outfit.

Girls can run the world while flaunting their cutest summer dresses and tops from R&B Kids! Each article of clothing is made of lightweight fabric that makes your little girl fresh and adorable despite the intense humidity. The collection includes versatile shirts and bottoms you can mix and match to achieve the most stylish summer outfit ever!

With such a wide selection of summer staples, you will be set for summertime fun! At Apparel Group, everything you need is one shop away. Grab the chance to get these pieces from our top brands now!