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March 2023

Ramadan Collections from Your Favourite Brands

The Holy Month of Ramadan is upon us once again. At Apparel Group, we want to balance contemplation and celebrating this extraordinary time’s vibrancy and energy.

To do this, we would like to introduce our favourite brands and why we think they embrace the spirit of Ramadan.



This international leader in footwear and accessories captures Ramadan’s joy, energy and vibrancy. Their Ramadan 2023 collection was launched by Middle Eastern YouTube sensation Noor Stars, emphasising the spirit of togetherness, embracing the spiritual side of life while creating new memories with loved ones. Colourful and unique, ALDO is a wonderfully accessible and wearable brand at any time of the year.

Noor Stars & ALDO’s Ramadan Collection
Ramadan Collection from ALDO


Delightfully feminine and floaty dresses sit alongside oh-so-cool t-shirts and a wide range of Boho-chic in Ardene’s Ramadan collection. This wide-ranging collection epitomises the relaxed nature of Ramadan when we can embrace who we are. It is a sweet, pretty range that will appeal to all ages. The simple pastel colours are this season’s big trend, making this an infinitely wearable collection.

Woman in Ardene outfit
Ramadan Collection from Ardene

Dune London

Dune London’s dazzling range of lurex flats, platforms and sweet kitten heels take you effortlessly from iftar to suhoor and give you something to celebrate! Dune London is a bright, bold and carefree brand that brings fun and glamour into any outfit. We think that joy is so vital to the spirit of Ramadan that we couldn’t help but include them in our favourite Ramadan collections.

Woman in a gold dress from Dune London
Ramadan Collection from Dune London


Hush Puppies

This heritage brand represents tradition and consistency, quality and dedication to excellence. They also make some of the comfiest shoes on the planet! Hush Puppies Ramadan collection of men’s and women’s shoes, slides and bags signifies a dedication to delivering the finest quality and always striving for perfection. We love the subtle colourways, too, with sage green and soft sand perfectly echoing the Middle East’s landscape’s colours.

Ramadan Collection from Hush Puppies
Ramadan Collection from Hush Puppies


Sophisticated and elegant, Naturalizer is the brand for woman who wants to go out after sunset and celebrate in style. Classy and straightforward, perfectly accented with touches that echo the cultural influences of the Middle East. Naturalizer is our choice if you are off to an expensive restaurant for the evening with loved ones and insist on looking your best!

Ramadan Collection from Naturalizer
Ramadan Collection from Naturalizer

Nine West

This distinctive brand is our absolute favourite at any time of the year. But they have pulled out all the stops with their Ramadan collection. Filled with delightfully feminine pieces in the season’s hottest pastel colours, Nine West captures that joyful feeling essential to the Holy Month. Beyond Ramadan, Nine West’s bags are guaranteed to become a staple of your wardrobe all through spring, summer and autumn.

Black Clutch from Nine West
Black Clutch from Nine West for AED 449

R&B Kids

At the heart of Ramadan is family, and R&B Kids are the perfect brand for kids who are just starting to explore the concepts of Ramadan and want to feel included in the celebrations. Comfy clothes for tots, toddlers and young children ensure they look and feel their best when the family comes together to break their fast, party and tuck into a table piled high with delicious food. Easy to care for and priced, so they are kind to your pocket, too; R&B Kids clothes are a year-round favourite.

Boy in an outfit from R&B Kids
R&B Kids Collection


Our homes are such an essential part of Ramadan that we couldn’t put together a list of our favourite brands without including Rituals. This cosmetic brand has a thoughtfully-produced selection of perfumes and home products to light up your world. Their scented candles are lovely, especially the warm, rich fragrance of Suede Vanilla. The smell of perfume can instantly recall a treasured memory. Rituals perfumes will linger with you for a lifetime, reminding you of those special times with friends and family.

Rituals candle and fragrance on a dresser in the living room
Scented Candles & Fragrance Sticks from Rituals

Steve Madden

And finally, we couldn’t miss Steve Madden from our list. This exceptional brand is about balance, creativity, individuality, and the spirit of adventure. A bold, impressive collection for both men and women, Steve Madden, epitomises our passion for fashion during the Holy Month of Ramadan and the rest of the year. Steve Madden’s creations are timeless, always a part of our lives, and loved by all. What better way to sum up Ramadan than that?

A Woman wearing Steve Madden Ramadan Collection
Ramadan Collection from Steve Madden

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