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August 2023

Apparel Group’s Back to School Shopping Lesson!

Back-to-School season is coming in full swing! Give your children the confidence and excitement they need to start the school year with our ultimate shopping guide!

The school bell is about to ring, make sure you have everything you need to make your kids’ school year the best one yet! Browse Apparel Group’s fantastic back-to-school essentials, thoughtfully crafted for your little ones to keep them ahead of the class. This back-to-school collection features the cutest rucksacks and the latest school supplies that they would adore. Get your little scholars organised and ready to take on this school year!

Give your kids the A+ school year they deserve with Apparel Group!



Set your kids up for an exceptional school year with Athlete’s Co’s Back to School Collection. Watch them thrive as they over come challenges with confidence and determination while maintaining true to their champion style.



The BBZ Back-to-School Collection is where style meets education! The perfect learning experience awaits your children with trendy rucksacks and inspiring stationery sets to prepare them for great school days. With ample space and sturdy construction, the trolley school bags are designed to keep all the essentials secured and organised. Make your little ones the stars of the class by dressing them in style with BBZ!

Let BBZ elevate their academic journey and unleash their eagerness to study!

BBZ Back to School Collection 2023
BBZ Selection of Back-to-School Clothing and Character School Bags



Get your little ones ready to conquer the new school year in style and comfort with F5 Global’s Back to School Athleisure Outfits! Whether they’re sprinting to catch the bus or ruling the playground, this trendy and functional athleisure wear will keep your kids looking cool all day long. F5 Global’s Activewear is designed with young explorers in mind with moisture-wicking fabrics and ergonomic designs, keeping them cool, comfortable, and ready to tackle any challenge.

Guide your kids to limitless possibilities, all while looking effortlessly stylish with F5 Global!

F5 Global Kids Athleisure Collection
F5 Global Logo Tape Set and Shirt for Girls and Boys



Introducing Hush Puppies‘ Back to A+ Comfort collection, a classic assortment of footwear designed specifically for the back-to-school season! This collection combines timeless styles with a colourful flair, offering students a range of comfortable options that ensure all-day ease and style for your kids. Let your kids unleash their creativity as they mix and match their favourite styles, allowing their personalities to shine with each step they take.

Look no further as Hush Puppies is the gateway to a world of comfort and style that will accompany your little ones on every step of their learning journey!



Emerge into a world of imagination and excitement with LC Waikiki Kids’ Back to School Supplies featuring adorable character merchandise! From backpacks to stationery, the collection is designed to give them new colourful adventures this coming school year and turn learning into a magical experience! These Back to School Supplies with whimsical cartoon designs will inspire them to draw, write, and dream big! Whether they’re jotting down notes in class or expressing their artistic talents at home, LC Waikiki’s stationery sets the stage for boundless creativity.

Spark the joy and creativity in your children’s learning journey with LC Waikiki Kids’ Back to School Supplies!



Let your little ones step into a new school year with Skechers‘ Back to School Collection. With a huge range of Skechers footwear styles, your kids will enjoy stylish and comfy shoes that will surely reflect their own fashion sense while still feeling comfortable all day. They’re the perfect school shoes for walking through the school halls, running on the playground, or doing activities in the classroom.

Set the bar high with Skechers’ Back to School Collection to make a statement in both academics and fashion!

School is officially in session! It’s a new school year full of new learnings and new memories and your kids deserve the best and most novel school supplies, shoes and bags to foster fun and education!

Shop Apparel Group’s brands now to check off your back-to-school list!