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December 2023

Redefining Home Luxury with Forest Essentials Products

Experience the Essence of Indian Aromatherapy at Home with Forest Essentials

Apparel Group is thrilled to unveil its latest offering from its luxury ayurvedic brand in luxury home care: Forest Essentials Home and Wellness Collection. This exquisite line is more than just an array of products; it is a sensory journey through the heart of India’s aromatic traditions. Let us explore these fragrant treasures that promise to turn your home into a bastion of tranquillity and luxury.


A Symphony of Room Sprays

Assortment of Forest Essentials Room Sprays
Forest Essentials Room Sprays

Our collection of room sprays is a celebration of India’s most cherished aromas. Each scent is a journey.

Mysore Sandalwood: Step into the serene forests of Mysore with this warm, woody essence.

Bengal Tuberose: Let the heady, intoxicating aroma of Tuberose transport you to Bengal’s lush gardens.

Kannauj Rose: Immerse yourself in the romantic embrace of the delicate Kannauj roses.

Madurai Jasmine: Experience the seductive allure of Jasmine, a scent that captivates the essence of Madurai’s famed flower markets.

Nagpur Narangi Blossom: Refresh your senses with the zesty, invigorating fragrance of Narangi blossoms from Nagpur.


Diffuser Oils – Crafting Moods

Forest Essentials Diffuser Oils
Forest Essentials Diffuser Oils

Elevate the ambience of your spaces with our diffuser oils, each crafted to inspire a specific mood:

Madurai Jasmine Sensual: A sensual and inviting fragrance for intimate evenings.

Kannauj Rose Harmonising: Perfect for creating a soothing and balanced environment.

Mysore Sandalwood Relaxing: Ideal for unwinding after a long day.

Kashmiri Nargis Calming: A gentle scent for moments of tranquillity and peace.

Bengal Tuberose Uplifting: A refreshing aroma to energise and uplift your spirits.


Incense Sticks – The Essence of Tranquility

Forest Essentials Incense Sticks pack
Incense Sticks (Sambrani, Frankincense, and Myrrh)

Our incense sticks are more than just scents; they are a ritual, a moment of Zen in your busy day:

Sambrani: Find balance and reduce stress with this harmonising blend.

Frankincense: Embrace positivity and relaxation with this warm, woody scent.

Myrrh: Perfect for meditation and tranquillity with its earthy, calming aroma.

Forest Essentials Home and Wellness Collection invites you on a fragrant journey through India. Each product in this collection celebrates India’s rich, aromatic heritage, crafted with the utmost care to bring luxury, tranquillity, and well-being into your home. Discover this exquisite collection and let the ancient art of Indian aromatherapy transform your everyday living spaces into sanctuaries of peace and luxury.