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Top 5 Coolest Sustainable Fashion Brands

Choosing sustainable fashion isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s a pretty cool option too. Thanks to some seriously clever use of sustainable materials by forward-thinking fashion brands, you can look fantastic and keep your environmental impact to a minimum.

They’re interested in saving the planet and keeping you looking your best, whether working hard, out with friends or chilling at home.  

At Apparel Group, we are keen to work with brands we believe are doing their bit to safeguard the planet’s future for our children. If you are ready to make the change to fashion brands that care about the environment to those that don’t, here are our top five recommendations.


F5 is super-trendy and is the brainchild of 15-year-old entrepreneur Sarisha Ved, so you can’t get much more current or fashion-forward than a brand created by a teenager! F5 believes sustainable clothing should “not just be an Instagram trend, but a solution for the long run.” As a result, they have created a whole lifestyle brand that ranges from mobile phone cases and face masks to activewear for young people. Sarisha has done her homework, too – her clothing is made from 100% organic cotton and materials certified by the Global Organic and Global Recycling Standards. This young brand with some far-reaching ideas about sustainable fashion is one to watch in our book.

Woman Running in F5 Clothing
Apparel Groups Sustainable Brand F5 Global


Steve Madden

This dynamic fashion footwear brand cheerfully proves that staying on-trend isn’t restricted to what you wear. With their shoe boxes made from 90% recycled materials and 10% pulp sourced from carefully managed forests, you don’t have to worry about the impact of packaging. Its uber-cool footwear measures up, too, with the gorgeous Lovebird heels, Low Tide, Uphill, and Ladybug heels all part of their new Responsible Materials collection. We are talking recycled materials, sustainably sourced leather, and a fantastic rainbow of colours and designs to choose from – what is not to love about this fantastic brand? Steve Madden has also aligned itself with the Leather Working Group, which seeks to improve the practices and ethics of manufacturing leather goods.

White Steve Madden Sneakers
Steve Madden Sneakers



If you’re looking to buy on-trend footwear from a brand that has set its sights on sustainable fashion across every aspect of its business, they don’t come better than this. TOMS uses recycled materials to make its shoes while working within its Earthwise framework to ensure that all its products adhere to a strict code of environmentally coherent standards. They also strongly support providing better mental health resources for millions worldwide, and they back up their support with financial input, too. They’re a Certified B Corp™, which meets the highest social and environmental performance standards. Team that up with a range of apparel in this season’s on-trend pastels, and you have a sure-fire winner.

Woman Standing on a Rock in Toms Footwear
Apparel Groups Toms®


Call It Spring

While it makes some of the most coveted shoes on the planet, the only footprint Call It Spring wants to leave behind is a good one. With this in mind, they have done away with single-use plastic bags, have had a range of their products using eco-vegan leather, and even offer a range of eco-friendly shoe-care accessories. With a top-to-bottom approach to sustainable fashion with no compromise on quality, Call It Spring uses the latest recycling technology to create gorgeously stylish and comfortable shoes that won’t leave you questioning your impact on the planet.

Call It Spring Sustainable Collection
Call It Spring Sustainable Collection


Hush Puppies

This heritage brand has an unshakeable reputation for quality. Check out the Hush Puppies’ Good Shoe range if you want cutting-edge fashion without the negative environmental impact. With trainers made from recycled water bottles, they even employ Bloom algae technology to minimise the CO2 used in production.

Women's Hush Puppies Beige Shoes's Hush Puppies beige shoes
Hush Puppies Sustainable Collection


It is Easy to See Why We are Going Green!

As a multi-award-winning group with its finger on the pulse regarding what’s hot and what’s not, Apparel Group has taken a long, hard look at how we sell fashion to you, our customers. We know you are as conscientious as we are regarding sustainable fashion brands and wouldn’t accept anything less than the best quality, prices, and eco-credentials.

Our top five eco-brands prove that we are backing up our commitments with products that keep your environmental footprint as light as possible.

Ready to find out more? Start browsing our collections, and if you have any questions about how we source our brands, their back story, or anything concerning the sustainability of our products, ask. We are fully open and honest about our brands, so you can shop with a clear conscience and stay looking fabulous too.