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December 2023

Apparel Group Presents Your Ultimate Women’s Bag Guide: Featuring ALDO, Steve Madden, TOMS, Beverly Hills Polo Club, and Tommy Hilfiger

Discover Elegance and Style with our handpicked women’s bags collection from Apparel Group brands.

Imagine a world where every woman’s bag tells a story, a world where style meets functionality. This is not just a dream but a reality brought to you by ALDO, Steve Madden, TOMS, Beverly Hills Polo Club, and Tommy Hilfiger. And for those who love a good deal, Steve Madden is rolling out a red-carpet offer of 40 – 70% off, exclusively on 6thStreet!

ALDO – The Art of Elegance

In the land of ALDO, Handbags are not just accessories but artworks. Picture yourself walking down the street, an ALDO bag on your shoulder, turning heads as you go. From dazzling clutches to spacious totes, ALDO’s collection is a shining piece of the power of a great accessory.

Steve Madden – A Symphony of Style

Steve Madden’s offer is captivating and irresistible, like a melody you cannot get out of your head. These bags for women are not just about carrying your essentials and making a statement. Whether you are a bold trendsetter or a classic beauty, a Steve Madden piece awaits you to complete your ensemble.

TOMS – The Casual Storyteller

TOMS tells a tale of casual charm and spacious wonders in bags for women. Imagine a bag that can carry your world and still look effortlessly chic. TOMS tote handbags are more than just storage; they are your companions on every adventure, weaving stories along the way.

Beverly Hills Polo Club – An Ode to Sophistication

Each Beverly Hills Polo Club handbag is a chapter in itself. The Classic Bucket Bag whispers a tale of timeless grace. The Go-Everywhere Tote speaks of versatility in every thread. The Timeless Handheld is a ballad of elegance, holding secrets of a thousand outfits.

Tommy Hilfiger – The Epitome of Fashion

Tommy Hilfiger Handbags are the climax of this fashion story. They are not just bags; they are treasures of luxury and style. Each design, from the push-lock Leather Tote to the Tommy Hilfiger Feminine Shoulder, is a narrative waiting to be told, a style waiting to be embraced.

In fashion, bags for women are more than an accessory; they are a narrative of your style. Each collection from ALDO, Steve Madden, TOMS, Beverly Hills Polo Club, and Tommy Hilfiger brings its own story, character, and flair. Whether you are captivated by ALDO’s elegance, enchanted by Steve Madden’s bold style, charmed by TOMS’ casual chic, drawn to Beverly Hills Polo Club’s sophistication, or inspired by Tommy Hilfiger’s trendsetting designs, there is a bag that speaks your language.

As you embrace your fashion journey, remember that the perfect bag complements your outfit and enhances your individuality. Find your fashion voice with the Apparel Group’s exclusive selection, and let your choice of handbags express the unique story you wish to tell.