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Favourite Vegan Shoes

We all know we need to be kinder, more thoughtful and considerate. Not just to each other but to the world around us. At Apparel Group, we have taken a long, hard look at our products and their sustainability. And you know what? We have discovered something kinder to the environment and looks fantastic – Vegan Shoes.

If you are just as much about what you put on your feet as the food you put on your plate, here is a quick run-down on vegan footwear and why we think it’s pretty awesome.

What is Vegan Footwear?

Forget leather. Or suede. Or glues made from animal by-products. There are more vegan-friendly alternatives today than ever before. We have embraced this principle and given with the fabulous ‘Call It Spring’ range, a selection of vegan sneakers, shoes and accessories made from materials that have no impact on any living creature.

This is fashion with compassion, a chance for you to make a lifestyle choice that shows your commitment to sustainability and cruelty-free principles without compromising style. High-end accessories complement vegan shoes for men and women. Flats or sneakers, slides or heels, the quality and finish of vegan shoes are just as luxurious as leather or suede.

Call It Spring Vegan Womens Collection
Call It Spring Vegan Women’s Collection

Vegan Shoes for Every Occasion

The Call It Spring collection of vegan footwear has something for every occasion. Regal Pink is a high heel with a girly attitude. A super-subtle blush pink colourway complemented by faux pearls and shimmering rondels makes this excellent heel perfect for a night out on the town.

The Major vegan sneaker has a distinctive platform sneaker style and charm bracelet embellishments for a charmingly feminine bit of street fashion.

Pink Vegan Heel with Pearls from Call It Spring
Pink vegan heel with pearls from Call It Spring

The gents are taken care of, too, with the sublimely simple and cushioned comfort of the Harlowe slide, a must for summer. Or hit the gym in vegan style with Baltoro vegan sneakers in blue and white, with a technologically-advanced sneaker construction that guarantees comfort and performance without cruelty.

Grey Vegan Footwear from Call It Spring
Grey vegan footwear from Call It Spring

Why Go Vegan?

The movement towards more conscious fashion is growing. Veganism is not just a lifestyle choice but part of the solution to a more sustainable future. It also embraces so much more than using animal-free products. It includes principles such as ensuring workers are paid a living wage and are not exploited, that the resources used are sustainable, and that products have a longer lifespan to try and break our throw-away-society mentality.

It is about valuing not just the lives of animals, but the well-being of every individual involved in the chain, from the product manufacturers and growers to the customer.

Blue and White Vegan Sneaker from Call It Spring
Blue and white vegan sneaker from Call It Spring

This is what veganism means to us and what our collection of vegan shoes and accessories represents. A decision to move away from unsustainable, resource-heavy manufacturing and materials and towards a kinder, more tolerant future.

From the animal-free glues and petroleum-free materials to the shoe boxes made from 85% recycled paper, every part of the Call It Spring collection adheres to vegan principles. Please find out more by browsing the Call It Spring collection at Apparel Group today.