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Easy Payment Plan

Mashreq Bank Easy Payment Plan (EPP) Terms & Conditions
  • The Easy Payment Plan (EPP) is a payment option available to Mashreq Bank’s credit card holders, wherein the entire retail purchase amount is charged to the cardholders for the instalment period of 3/6/9/12 months
  • The EPP is only valid on purchases above AED 500 using the Mashreq Bank credit card in UAE
  • Customers agree to pay the subversion fees of 0% per month for any EPP tenure. However, there will be a processing fee of 1% for 3-month instalments, 2% for 6-month instalments, 3% for 9-month instalments and 4% for 12-month instalments
  • All purchases under the EPP should be authorised by Mashreq Bank, either electronically via the POS terminal, or through the call centre, manual imprinting or authorisation over the telephone
  • Mashreq Bank shall debit any other payments payable by the customer from their Mashreq Bank account on the relevant due date of payment
  • The customer should immediately notify Mashreq Bank about any legal changes in ownership, location, nature of business or other circumstances
Tamara Easy Payment Plan
The Tamara Easy Payment Plan is an exclusive feature available to customers, allowing the convenience of splitting purchases into manageable instalments over a defined period. This service is in adherence with Islamic Sharia rules and regulations and has been certified by the Shariyah Review Bureau, promoting financial solutions that cater to our community's needs.

Eligibility: Open to individuals 18 or older residing in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Kuwait.

Sharia Compliance: Tamara’s financial solutions adhere to Islamic Sharia rules, certified by the Shariyah Review Bureau.

Registration and Payments:
  • Registration can be done via the Tamara app or website, requiring details such as your phone number, official ID, payment card information, and email address.
  • For in-store purchases, inform the cashier about using Tamara and provide your phone number to receive a payment link via SMS.
  • For online purchases, select Tamara as your payment method and complete the process after logging in or signing up.
Customer Support:
  • Assistance is available through Tamara’s chatbot, and the team is responsive from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. daily.
  • Phone support is available at KSA: 8001240441 (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and UAE: 80001830167 (10 a.m. to 7 p.m.).
  • Visit the Tamara Help Center for support or questions.
Website and App Access: Tamara’s services are accessible through the Tamara website and are available for download on the iOS or Play Store.

Agreement to Terms: By utilising Tamara's services, customers agree to these terms and conditions, committing to the responsible management of their payment plans and adherence to the eligibility requirements. For more information, visit Tamara.
Tabby Easy Payment Plan
Tabby provides customers with the option to split their purchases into four equal, interest-free payments. This service is designed to align with Islamic Shariah Law, ensuring a fair and transparent financing option with no interest or hidden fees.

Sharia Compliance: Tabby's commitment to compliance with Islamic Shariah principles is integral to its service. They provide a financial solution that respects and upholds the values of Islamic ethics.

Registration and Payments:
  • Customers can register through the Tabby mobile application or website by submitting the required personal information.
  • For in-store purchases, customers can scan the Tabby QR code at the cashier to initiate the payment process.
  • Online shoppers should select Tabby at checkout, sign up or log in, and proceed to link a payment card for instant approval.
  • The purchase amount is divided into four payments, with the first 25% taken at the time of the transaction and the remainder spread over three monthly instalments.
Customer Support:
Tabby offers a help centre for customer inquiries, available at https://support.tabby.ai/l/en
Customers seeking direct assistance can email support at [email protected]

Agreement to Terms:
By choosing Tabby's payment plan, customers agree to Tabby’s terms and conditions. This includes committing timely instalment payments and responsible financial management without incurring additional costs. For more information, visit Tabby.