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March 2023

Ten Fashion Tips to Improve your Style

Fashion trends come and go, but style is more ethereal and personal, and it’s all about YOU. Style is an expression of who you are as an individual. It captures your character, whether you are a little bit quirky or super sophisticated. So, considering how important it is to be true to yourself, how do you adapt everyday fashion to fit in with your idea of style?

Here are ten tips for you:

1. Colour your World

Colours can be subtle, sophisticated, and used as accents rather than features. For example, use accessories like the sophisticated shoulder bags from Beverly Hills Polo Club to bring a pop of colour into a workwear outfit.

Green Beverly Hills Polo Club Bag
Green Beverly Hills Polo Club Bag for Aed 349


2. Layer Up

Even in the heat of summer, you can achieve a super-stylish look by utilising layers of different fabrics, textures, colours and lengths. Do the same with your jewellery by wearing multiple necklaces of different lengths or stacking rings, and you have laid up off pat.

Woman Wearing a Blue Vest Top and Blue and Gold Necklace
Womens Accessories from Ardene


3. Go from Day to Night and Back Again

Getting transition styling right can be a real chore. It would be best to look smart at work, yet more relaxed at that party afterwards. Pick critical pieces that can go from day to night and back again, such as the gorgeous Nine West bags and their equally fabulous shoes.

Nine West Lilac Open toe Heels
Light Purple Open toe Heels from Nine West for Aed 499


4. Make-up Matters

Part of any woman’s style is make-up. However, even if the current fashion is for thick eyebrows and intense, smoky eyes, you can stay true to yourself by keeping it simple. A pop of colour with rich lipstick and shiny nail polish is the perfect way to pep up a power look without going overboard. We love the HEMA range for its vibrancy, iconic colourways, and quality.

Hema Lipsticks
Lipsticks Nail Polishes from Hema


5. Upscale a Classic Piece

The trick to creating your style is building a capsule wardrobe of classics and then accessorising them like crazy. Belts, bags and baubles can all add a flash of your character into an outfit without overpowering the style. We love the playfulness of Ardene and the quality of HEMA to give any classic outfit a lift.


6. Go Boho

If you try too hard when it comes to fashion, it shows. Boho is a style that lets you be who you want– natural, fun, and frivolous. Again, you don’t have to go ‘full hippy’ to get the look. Just add cute little touches like the jewellery and 60’s style metal belts on offer from Ardene.

Light Blue Denim Shorts with Gold Belt
Womens Accessories from Ardene


7. Subtle, not Bold

Super-creative cuts and patterns may have the wow factor, but they can be challenging to style into a more sophisticated outfit. Keep it simple, and again try accenting with a bold scarf that can be tucked into your super-smooth Nine West handbag if it’s too showy for the boardroom.


8. Quality Never Goes Out of Style

It pays to spend a little bit extra on those accessory essentials. Choose wisely, and you will pick pieces that never go out of style. Ironically, that’s also a great way to save money. Go for names you can trust, like Beverly Hills Polo Club, which delivers fantastic quality and stylish pieces in one go.

Beige Beverly Hills Polo Club Bag
Beige Beverly Hills Polo Club Bag for Aed 349


9. Top-to-bottom Styling

Think about every aspect of your look, from cute baseball caps from Ardene to awesome UNO shoes from Skechers for that street-smart look to delightful heels and bags to match from Nine West. Your shoes are often the first and last thing that people see, so make an impression with quality footwear (that also feels comfortable!).

Skechers Pink and Blue Sneakers
Uno Light Pink Sneakers from Skechers for Aed 499


10. Confidence – Your Most Stylish Feature

And finally, nothing is more stylish, cultured, and gorgeous in a man or a woman than confidence. Without that, you will never pull off that boho look, that office warrior chic, or that cool urbanite sashay. Love who you are, love your style and embrace it from head to toe.

At Apparel Group, we love fashion with a passion. But we prefer style by a mile. Our collections capture your character, your flair for the fabulous, and your sleek sophistication. Browse our fashion brands and find one piece you will love forever, boosting your confidence whenever you wear it.