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July 2023

Shop the Limited-Edition ALDO X BARBIE Collection: Be Fun & Fearless with Apparel Group

ALDO X BARBIE proudly unveils the grandest and pinkest collection that encapsulates Barbie’s signature style and ALDO’s trademark of class and comfort!

ALDO has launched the highly anticipated and nostalgic collection of ALDO x BARBIE. This collaboration stars Barbie, the icon of everyone’s childhood and the multifaceted queen of pink. The striking pink collection features 19 limited-edition pieces that pay homage to the classic Barbie philosophy and aesthetic that still reigns in pop culture today. Each piece exudes an ethereal and glamorous luminescence that lets you step into your power. ALDO’s design team meticulously curated the Pantone colours for this collection which are Malibu Fuchsia, Malibu Pink, and Soft BB Pink, as the fundamental hues of each capsule piece.

What are you waiting for? Be pretty in pink as you unravel the captivating collection by ALDO x BARBIE!

This Barbie Bag Collection is a Magical Stunner!

The ALDO BARBIE collection brings you an array of animated life-size versions of Barbie bags that will make you feel like a doll! Each bag holds the remarkable capacity to store your things and your dreams.

Barbie ALDO Collection
Barbie Embellished Top Handle Bag

Nothing says happiness more than a bag to liven up the girl in you. The collection spotlights a piece that fuses rosy iridescence and studded sparkle in one baguette, paralleling Barbie’s infamous handbags. It goes with casual or sophisticated outfits that need pink glamour.

ALDO Barbie Bags Collection
Barbie Quilted Sling Bag from ALDO

This Malibu pink quilted crossbody bag filled with iconic Barbie charms will surely get you a pass inside Barbie Land. It is a must-have as a loud and proud addition to your purse collection. Make a statement as you strut everywhere with this limited-edition treasure.

Barbie ALDO Collection of Bags
Barbie Micro Bag from ALDO

The Soft BB Pink Barbie rhinestone and Malibu Fuchsia monogram mini bag perfectly fit everyone’s cute miniature moment. This satisfies every girl’s heart, boosting dopamine and magnifying your outfit!

ALDO Barbie Collection
Barbie Transparent Shoulder Bag from ALDO

One of the main elements of creating this collection is the inspiration from the 2000s. The transparent shoulder bag with embellished Bs design completes your Barbie aesthetic which will turn you into an avid Y2K enthusiast. Channel your inner Barbie with this one-of-a-kind staple piece.

This Barbie ALDO Shoes Collection is a Trendsetter!

Kick your style up a notch with the Noughties-inspired Barbie heels and sneakers. Each piece not only emanates the dazzle of Barbie’s world but also bears excellent comfort throughout the day. The ALDO x BARBIE shoe collection is crafted with dual-density cushion insoles that make you feel like you are walking on cloud 9.

Barbie ALDO Sandals Collection
Barbie Mule-Heeled Sandals from ALDO

The Y2K kitten mule heels come in Marvelous Metallic and Malibu Fuchsia colours that serve the 2000s realness you dream of. It goes perfectly with any outfit, as it has the magic to vamp up even casual clothing to a top style.

ALDO Barbie Shoes Collection
Barbie Structured Heel Sandals from ALDO

You can never go wrong with shoes that can make everyone head over heels for you! Fall in love with the early 2000s-inspired pieces that feature holographic pumps with the cutest heart-stacked heels. What a unique element to add to your heel assortment, which you can easily throw on for a romantic date night or an exhilarating girl’s night! From now on, we wear our hearts on our heels, not our sleeves.

Barbie Heels for Women from ALDO
Barbie Heels for Women from ALDO

These exclusive pink-bottomed chunky platform sandals are perfect for cosplaying the queen of pink. They are almost a replica of your favourite Barbie doll’s shoes, making you and your doll twin flames. Such fun and fearless shoes will give you the confidence to walk the streets like your runway!

Barbie ALDO Shoes Collection
Barbie Stiletto Heels from ALDO

The show-stopping translucent stilettos in two shades of pink present a classy yet fun energy through their monogram and bejewelled design. These stilettos can be paired with endless possibilities of outfits, making you as iconic as Barbie. Wear this to any party or gathering and be the main event.

Barbie ALDO Collection of Sandals
Barbie Sling Back Sandals from ALDO

A sling-back transparent pump with a heart embellishment will get you walking on sunshine as you illuminate with chicness and style. It is a timeless staple that can be worn anytime and anywhere as you perpetually radiate luxury and grace.

ALDO Barbie Sneakers for Adults
Barbie Low-Top Sneakers from ALDO

And for a good sneaker moment, Barbie bequeaths you the charm-enriched classic white sneakers that are best worn to exude your inner casual charm. Let your trusty Barbie sneakers take you on a fun and pink-tastic journey!

This Barbie Accessory Assortment is a Show-stopper!

The cherry on top of your vision-in-pink outfit must be the ALDO x BARBIE statement jewellery! This assortment includes rare, unique designs that encompass that Y2K spark.

Barbie ALDO Necklace & Accessories
Barbie Embellished Accessories (Choker Necklace) from ALDO
Barbie ALDO Earrings & Accessories
Barbie Embellished Accessories (Pierced Earrings) from ALDO

This Heart-enclosed Barbie bedazzled necklace and earrings perfectly match an astronomical lustre that makes you shine brighter than any star! Take your outfit to a higher level of style with this pair of cute Barbie accessories

ALDO Barbie Sunglasses
Barbie Rectangle Sunglasses from ALDO

It is already summertime, and an outfit with sunglasses would be complete. Do not fret, as the rimless blush Barbie pink lenses are here to shield you while you still shine! These Y2K summer sunglasses let you peek at a pink-tastic life. Grab one now and add fashion to your vision.

Barbie ALDO Rings
Barbie Multi-Finger Rings from ALDO

To finish your look, opt for the dainty yet spellbinding rings to bid your black and white days a farewell! The minor statement pieces can make the most prominent spectacle.

This collection centres on the self-empowerment that Barbie advocates as she takes on the world fearlessly in pink. It laces the modernity of feminine spirit and classic vintage Barbie fashion. Revive your inner Barbie girl in this Barbie world, and let your dreams become reality. Don’t miss out on the limited capsule edition by Apparel Group’s Brand ALDO BARBIE collection.