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Cute Summer Outfits from Top Fashion Brands

It is nearly summer! Time to rip off those thick woolly winter jumpers and snuggly jogging bottoms until the cold weather comes around again and embrace sunshine colours, floaty fabrics, and summer specials from some of our top fashion brands.

This season is all about combining light colours with a splash of retro chic that will look good at work, home, or the beach. It is about accessorising with summer essentials to keep you looking and feeling fabulous.

Here are some of the cutest summer outfits from top fashion brands at Apparel Group – There is something for everyone!

Two Men and Two Women Standing Outside
Summer Outfits from Rb


Give Boots the Boot and Slip into Some Slides

Give your feet an airing in a pair of summer slides. Available for both men and women, Ardene has a great choice of slides, including sparkly diamante ones that add a touch of glamour to your summer outfit. Comfy and cool, slides are this summer’s must-haves. If you must wear boots, make them Ardene’s uber-chic high-tops, complete with a quirky little purse on the ankle. Available in this year’s on-trend pastel colour palette, they are gorgeous and comfortable all day.

Ardene Black Flip flops
Black Flip flops from Ardene
Ardene Boots
Boots from Ardene

Sophisticated Summer Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are an absolute classic, and nobody does them better than Beverley Hills Polo Club. Perfect for men and women, they are a grab-and-go essential for any summer capsule wardrobe and ideal if you are off travelling too. Polo shirts are relaxed, easy to wear, and welcome to any collection.

a Man in a White Polo Shirt from Beverly Hills Polo Club
White Polo Shirt from Beverly Hills Polo Club


Vintage Chic

2023 sees the return of vintage chic in a big way. Levi’s are the true masters of distressed vintage denim, slim-cut shirts, and that essential denim jacket for when the evening temperature drops. Team up a classic red tag jacket with a floaty summer dress from R&B, and you have boho-chic all wrapped up in one go!

a Man and Woman Standing Outside in Rb Clothing
Summer Fashion for Men Women Available at Rb


Colourways for Summer

Forget bold patterns – this year. It is all about pastels and petals. Florals are back in a big way, thanks to the designers at R&B, who have captured that ‘Shepherdess’ look ideally. Colours are soft, subtle, and filled with pale lemon yellows, dusky pinks and beautiful sky-blue tones that complement rather than compete. These colours will go with any outfit and are captured perfectly by Nine West‘s selection of pastel mules, heels and handbags. Accented with metallics for the subtlest of edgy twists, they are gorgeous and bound to be a hit this summer.

Nine West Colourful Handbags
Spring Summer Bags Available at Nine West


Sunglasses for Summer

Where did you put your sunglasses from last year? Never mind, that is just an excuse to pick up a new pair. HEMA has you covered with summer eyewear for men and women that look super-stylish and protects your eyes against the sun’s UV rays. Just don’t sit on them or leave them at the beach accidentally!

Hema Sunglasses
This Seasons Sunglasses from Hema


Kid’s Clothes for Summer

It’s not just the grown-ups who are getting ready for summer. So are the kids. R&B Kids have you covered if you want your tot to look super-cool and stay comfortable, no matter how hot it gets. Lightweight cotton materials are easy to care for, quick drying and intelligent enough for even the most discerning young fashionistas. They are tough enough to cope with playtime, a day at the beach, or a weekend on the mountain bike trail too.

a Girl Wearing Rb Kids' Clothing' clothing
Kids Clothes Available at Rb Kids


Summer is just the excuse you need to do a wardrobe refresh. At Apparel Group, we have got the latest on-trend gear for men, women and kids to get you ready for the sunshine. Are you still huddled in that jumper? Please get rid of it and get into summer gear from any of Apparel Group’s top fashion brands now.