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April 2023

Top 5 Stores to Buy Ramadan Decorations

Nothing is nicer during Ramadan than creating a festive atmosphere by decorating your home well. From doing a thorough house clean to making some little home improvements and then garnishing your space with some of your favourite ornaments, it is a great time to invest in your Ramadan decorations for your home. It is a time that focuses on the importance of family and friends, bringing everyone together to celebrate a unique and special time.

With so much going on and so much to be done, it can be hard to find the time to shop for new Ramadan décor ideas. Don’t worry; we’re here to make your life easier. Here’s our list of the best Ramadan décor ideas to bring the true spirit of Ramadan into your home.

Ramadan table decor, including a plate set and candles
HEMA’s Ramadan shopping items, including a plate set and candles


Setting the Table

Presentation is as important as the food you serve when setting the table. From beautifully chased copper serving stands to lantern holders to select just the right mood, think about the atmosphere you want to create and make it warm, homely and welcoming. Remember to put plenty out just in case you get some unexpected guests!

Lakeland has everything you need if you’re looking for new tableware to put on a real show. Their range includes stainless steel knives, forks, spoon sets, gorgeous serving boards, and glamorous cake stands. Here you can also find everything you need for cooking up a storm in the kitchen, from sturdy ovenware to kitchen utensils and equipment.


Getting the House Ready for Ramadan

We are clearing the decks and cleaning the old from top to bottom. A thorough cleaning isn’t just an essential part of Ramadan; it also means everything is fresh and ready to be decorated. You can keep it to just a deep clean, or why not grab some paint and freshen up those walls? Replace curtains and nets that look tired or worn, and give those rugs a good clean too.


What Kind of Decoration is Best for Ramadan?

Islam is known for its incredible artwork, including the finest calligraphy and wonderfully ornate metalwork that embraces the interplay between light and shade. Think gorgeously rich golds, shining coppers and brass and stunning silver, matched with beautiful fabrics and ceramics in blues and golds.

The best Ramadan decorations embrace this particular time’s true celebratory nature and look amazing in your home at any time of the year. Complement your décor with colours and patterns that balance and harmonise rather than try to compete. The object is to create a joyous feeling that is also harmonious and welcoming feeling.

If you are shopping for Ramadan décor in Dubai, Dollar Plus is your go-to for all your party essentials. Here you will find modern lanterns that will brighten up any table display or outside seating area. Hanging decorations and contemporary crockery are perfect for invigorating your table when the time comes.

Dollar Plus has a dedicated Ramadan collection, so look today to see how you could elevate your home during the holy month. Then pick up on our metallic theme, with glittering gold decorations and hanging ornaments which will help you bring a bit of sparkle to your home.


Decorations on a Budget

It can be tough to add Ramadan decorations to your budget. But you can decorate your home without busting the bank if you shop smart. It is always worth investing in a couple of crucial table pieces which can be used more than once. Use other ways of creating that tranquil yet festive atmosphere, such as incense and scented candles. 

HEMA is always a great place to get stylish designs for low prices. Their items have all been designed in Amsterdam since 1926, and it is the ideal place to pick up anything from bright patterned reusable tableware to gorgeous glassware. They can also tick the box when turning your home into a sweet-smelling haven with their delightful collection of candles with divine fragrances.

Ramadan plate set on a dining table
HEMA’s Ramadan Dining Table Set


A Modern Take on Traditional Ramadan Celebrations

While Ramadan may be very traditional, that doesn’t stop us from moving forward with more modern ways of celebrating this fabulous time. This is a chance for us to update our Ramadan décor ideas, combining new designs that complement classic patterns. Mix things up, and bring a contemporary styling that harmonises with your traditional décor.

We love the on-trend designs at  XIMIVOGUE, a Korean-based designer offering fashion-forward designs, home décor, and lifestyle products. That gives you a great chance to pick up new accessories while shopping for Ramadan decorations. Established in 2015, they have nearly a decade in the industry, so their designs are inspiring and fresh.

Traditional Ramadan Decorations
Ramadan décor ideas by XIMIVOGUE
Tea & Coffee cups for Ramadan
Ramadan Cups available at XIMIVOGUE
Tea & Coffee cups for Ramadan
Ramadan Cups available at XIMIVOGUE

Are you ready for Ramadan? Deciding on your décor? Find out what’s on offer at Apparel Group and celebrate Ramadan authentically.