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July 2023

Simplify Your Life with these Kitchen Essentials

The kitchen is the very heart of the home. And at Apparel Group, we think the heart should be filled with kitchenware that creates mouth-watering food and makes your life easier. With brands such as Lakeland, one of the UK’s top kitchenware suppliers, the sustainable principles and naturally beautiful tableware from HEMA, and the Japanese sophistication of premier brand Daiso Japan, there is plenty to choose from.

Here is our pick of the top kitchen essentials that make life easier:

Slow Cookers

This has to be one of the easiest ways to rustle up a hearty meal when you want it, even if you have to go out to the gym for a couple of hours beforehand. Throw all the ingredients into the slow cooker, set and forget. When you get home, a delicious meal will be ready and waiting for you.

Air Fryers

They’ve made every essential kitchenware list since they first came out, and we are still all totally in love with air fryers. They cut the cooking time in half and are perfect for anything from baking a cake to whipping a plate of crispy fries for the kids. Second, only to the slow cooker, this is a must-have in every kitchen.

A Nest of Measuring Spoons and Cups

A nest of measuring spoons and cups is simply essential if you are serious about cooking. These measure exact amounts so you can follow that recipe to the letter and ensure everything comes out as expected. Pick stainless steel that will last longer, is dishwasher safe, and are tough enough to cope with life in a busy kitchen.

Stainless Steel Cookware

Throw away all those cheap pots and pans and invest in stainless-steel cookware. From a milk saucepan to a frying pan and larger pans for vegetables or mixing up a hearty soup, stainless steel cookware is practical, long-lasting, and a quality addition to any kitchen.

A soup pot with a diameter of 24 cm
A Soup Pot from the Milano series available at HEMA, Price: AED 75 - 125

Sharp Knives

The worst thing you can have in a kitchen is a blunt knife. Good quality knives are essential kitchenware that you cannot do without. Invest in a knife block with built-in sharpeners that keep your blades keen, allowing you to slice through things like tomatoes without ending up with a squidgy mess on the counter.

Sharp Knives available at HEMA
Knives & kitchenware available at HEMA

Matching Tableware

The relatives arrive unexpectedly for brunch – make sure they are impressed with tableware that matches. Again, just like the cookware, you do not need piles and piles of mismatched plates, bowls and odd glasses. Keep things clutter-free with suitable tableware that will last longer and look fabulous whenever you pull it out of the cupboard.

Tableware available at HEMA
Fabulous Tableware available at HEMA, Price: AED 15 - 30

Noodle Bowls

Noodles are quick and tasty. Make sure you serve them correctly with proper-sized noodle bowls. Smaller than a standard breakfast bowl, they are just the right size for a delicious noodley lunch or a ramen snack whenever you get hungry.

A Wok

Asian food is super-quick to prepare and cook, sealing in fresh ingredients’ flavour and goodness by flash-frying it at very high temperatures. A wok is the perfect cooking vessel for stir-fries. The thin metal sides allow the heat to spread quickly and evenly, heating your oil so you can cook your food in record time. The perfect choice for whipping up tasty meals for the whole family in a single pot, and they are dishwasher safe, too, so they are even easier to clean afterwards.

Electronic Scales

Correcting the recipe amounts to refine your baking skills and produce cakes and pastries that wow every time would be best. A good quality set of electronic kitchen scales takes the guesswork out of recipes that ask for precisely 247 grams of flour or 15.5 grams of butter! Electronic scales are more precise than traditional scales; just be sure to place your scales on a flat surface to get an accurate reading.

Storage Boxes

This may seem odd to finish, but no kitchen can do without a rugged fridge and freezer-proof storage boxes (with matching lids, of course!). Airtight and made from rigid plastic, they are ideal for popping leftovers in the fridge, helping you cut down on waste food and keeping food fresher for longer.

If you want an efficient, easy-to-use kitchen with everything you need, browse our homeware brands’ wide range of kitchenware available today to pick out your essentials.