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November 2023

Apparel Group Presents: The Ultimate Group Fitness Outfit Guide for Dubai Fitness Challenge 30×30

Step Up Your Gym Outfits Game with Collections from Athlete’s Co., Skechers, F5, and LC Waikiki

The exhilaration of the Dubai Fitness Challenge 30×30 is almost palpable! As the countdown begins, enthusiasts everywhere are gearing up for a month of intense workouts and fitness bonding. And with Apparel Group on board, ensuring you look your best with the latest gym clothes for women and men has never been easier. Dive into the top selections from leading brands like Athlete’s Co., Skechers, F5, and LC Waikiki to discover the fusion of function and fashion.


Athlete’s Co.
Elevate Your Fitness Fashion Game

Athletes Co Sports Shoes
Athlete’s Co. Footwear

Revamp both style and comfort with Athlete’s Co.’s freshest sportswear offerings. This season, stand out and embrace the pinnacle of fashion with the hottest gym outfits from their latest collection. They have seamlessly blended refined classics with chic, modern styles, ensuring you radiate sophistication at every turn. Beyond aesthetics, the range promises unparalleled comfort, supporting you throughout your fitness journey this season. With Athlete’s Co., you are not just choosing clothes but immersing yourself in a holistic world of fitness and wellbeing. Dive into the season’s trendiest and most comfortable gym clothes and footwear with Athlete’s Co.

Step Ahead with GO RUN Ride 11™

Prepare to hit the ground running in unparalleled comfort with the Skechers GO RUN Ride 11™. Designed with an ultra-breathable engineered mesh upper, these shoes ensure you remain cool, no matter the intensity of your workout. Experience unparalleled comfort and support with the Arch Fit® insole, offering a plush and cushioned feel with every step.

The vibrant HYPER BURST ICE™ midsole adds a dash of style and ensures a swift and responsive ride. The shoe’s game-changing feature? A carbon fibre-infused plate in the forefoot injects an energetic spring into every stride. Lightweight, impeccably supportive, and comfortable, the Skechers GO RUN Ride 11™ is more than just a shoe – it is your ultimate running companion, ready to clock those miles!


F5 Global
Where Dynamic Design Meets Athletic Ambition

Where functionality meets the planet, it meets performance. Elevate your workouts from heavy-duty training to serene yoga, all while championing sustainability. F5 Global collection, crafted from sustainable and recycled poly and nylon materials, reflects their commitment to a greener planet without compromising performance. Join F5 Global in a fitness journey that is not just about pushing your limits but also pushing for a healthier Earth.


LC Waikiki
Elevate Your Athletic Ensemble

Effortlessly bridging the gap between everyday elegance and athletic functionality, this season’s collection from LC Waikiki radiates sophistication in sportswear. Tailored for the contemporary fitness enthusiast, LC Waikiki masterfully combines chic designs with top-tier fabrics, ensuring your selection of gym clothes is as stylish as it is functional.

The Dubai Fitness Challenge 30×30 is as much about celebrating your style as physical fitness. Thanks to Apparel Group and its stellar lineup of brands like Athlete’s Co., Skechers, F5, and LC Waikiki, finding the right gym outfits has never been easier. So, lace up, gear up, and make every day of this challenge a stylish affair with our new fitness outfits!