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March 2023

The best Iftar Restaurants in Dubai

As we enter the Holy Month of Ramadan, Dubai restaurants will put on an incredible variety of daily iftars. It is your chance to break your fast, celebrate, and relax with your family and friends, making it an incredibly social time filled with laughter, joy, and delicious food!

Here are our top picks of the best iftar restaurants in Dubai to visit this year:

Jamie’s Italian

Mediterranean dishes are light, flavourful, and mouth-wateringly delicious at Jamie’s Italian. Start with Chicken & Vermicelli Soup, Lamb Skewer, with a Fattoush salad on the side. If you love pasta, you must try the Spinach & Chicken Linguine. Finish off with Jallab and Pistachio Luqaimat and have the perfect Italian Ramadan meal. Jamie’s Italian is a fun, lively and family-friendly restaurant where everyone will feel welcome. You may not think of an Italian eatery as a typical Ramadan restaurant, but you will find it difficult to beat for sheer taste, atmosphere, and value. Ramadan specials are available until April 30th.

Range of Food Dishes from Jamie's Italian's Italian
Chicken Vermicelli Soup Spinach Chicken Linguine Fattoush Salad Lamb Skewer Jallab Pistachio Luqaimat


Sushi Library

If you fancy something different for iftar, Sushi Library has you covered. Their Ramadan menu includes a fantastic selection of soups, salads, and sushi. They have extended their Ramadan menu for dining in and takeaway so you can enjoy your Ramadan meal at home with friends and family or in their elegant iftar restaurant. With offers until April 22nd, Sushi Library is one of our top places to eat during Ramadan in Dubai this year.

Meal for Four from Sushi Library
Ramadan Meals from Sushi Library


Molten Chocolate Café

Once the day’s fasting is over, it is time for a little treat at the Molten Chocolate Café. You can break your fast with their exclusive Molten Ramadan Platter. Choose from sweet and savoury dishes, but always leave room for a slice of their signature pistachio cake, perfect for sharing, or their moist date cake, embodying the essence of Ramadan. You can indulge yourself right up to April 30th.

Cold Stone Creamery

You must try this one if you are looking for places to have desserts during Ramadan in Dubai. Cold Stone Creamery is available at most of the malls in Dubai, serving up delicious ice creams all year round. However, they push the boat out during Ramadan with their Flavour of the Month. This year, you can tuck into an utterly decadent combination of pistachio and kunafa to give you a nutty treat for the whole family. What an utterly fabulous indulgence that will be a big hit with the kids!

Cold Stone Creamery Ice Creams Cakes and Premium Shakes
Cold Stone Creamery Ice Creams Cakes and Premium Shakes


Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria

The famous chef has robust principles regarding food – it should be ethically sourced, fresh, delicious, and available to everyone. We think his restaurant principles align perfectly with the spirit of Ramadan, so the last on our list is Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria. During Ramadan, the pizzeria offers a unique take on the traditional pizza, offering an Arabic Spiced Chicken pizza that is just right for sharing with the whole family. You can also order a bowl of warming Lamb & Bean soup and finish your Iftar meal with the kid’s favourite, fruit trifle and jallab. Ramadan specials at Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria are available until April 30th.

Range of Food Dishes from Jamie Oliver's Pizzeria's Pizzeria
Range of Food Dishes from Jamie Olivers Pizzeria


Dubai restaurants are all putting on something special this Ramadan, and you will find iftar buffets across the city catering to groups, couples, and families. You will find a happy and welcoming atmosphere wherever you eat as the city enjoys good food, great company, and a spirit of togetherness. Ramadan Mubarak!