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May 2023

The Best Summer Dresses for a Stylish Wardrobe

Summer is here, a perfect excuse to freshen up your wardrobe with a fabulous selection of summer dresses. From floaty florals to bold geometrics, adorable dots or a mono-colour marvel, a sensational sundress does not just look exceptional; it keeps you more relaxed too.

A woman sitting on the beach wearing a lime green summer dress from R&B clothing
A Lime Green Summer Dress from R&B Fashion

Here are our top tips for choosing the best summer dresses for women this season:

Go Floral

A simple white background embellished with delightfully feminine floral patterns never goes out of fashion for the perfect sundress. No matter what your age, you can always guarantee to look gorgeous in a floral dress. We love the sheer elegance of the white floral dress from His & Hers, a long-sleeve option just as appropriate for evening wear as it is for a day in the office or out with the girls. For something a little more classical, the bold red and white flower dress from LC Waikiki is simply adorable and a must-have for its flattering lines and whimsical pattern.

A woman wearing a white floral dress from His & Hers
A White Floral Dress from His & Hers
Go Dotty over Polka Dots

Polka dots are a timeless classic when it comes to summer dresses. It does not matter how big or small the dots are; they always look bright and cheerful, epitomising that summer look. Polka dots are a big statement this season and feature in some of the best summer collections from R&B and LC Waikiki. Choose floaty, light designs that have been cut to allow plenty of free movement. Team them up with an evening shrug or a gossamer-light overshirt for the daytime.

A woman wearing a red polka dot dress from His & Hers
A Red Polka Dot Dress from His & Hers
Sophisticated Evening Wear

Summer dresses for women are about more than just a lightweight beach dress for those long days by the ocean. We are talking about sleek, elegant eveningwear and summer dresses for special occasions. If you have a wedding to go to or an anniversary dinner on the calendar this summer, check out the latest apparel from LC Waikiki. Imagine that ultra-sophisticated, classic LBD and switch it up with a bold red colourway and satin sheen, and you have a summer dress fit for any red-carpet event.

A woman wearing a green evening dress from LC Waikiki
A Green Evening Dress from LC Waikiki
Retro Geometrics

The retro look is extensive this season, with summer dresses for women that take their cue from the bold geometric prints of the 1960s and 1970s. The trick with a geometric pattern is all in the cut. If it is too fitted, it can overwhelm your figure. Go for super-lightweight materials that float on the breeze and add movement and dynamic energy to any outfit. Colour-wise, anything goes with geometrics and bold prints, from monochrome zebra stripes to block colours like blue and green.

A woman wearing a green and white summer dress from LC Waikiki
A Green & White Summer Dress from LC Waikiki
Keep It Simple

Finally, if you want an adorable sundress for everyday wear, keep it simple with a single colour, and then accent it with sparkly sandals, lively accessories, floppy hats and a super-cool pair of designer sunglasses. A single-colour sundress, such as the classic caramel maxi dress from His & Hers, is a perfect starting point for building your signature summer look.

A woman wearing a classical caramel maxi dress from His & Hers
Maxi Dress Caramel Dress from His & Hers

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