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May 2023

Ten Must-Have Pieces for Summer

Summer is finally here! It is time to get out, enjoy those long, lazy days and revive your mind, body and soul in the sunshine. It is also a perfect excuse to explore what is new and exciting at Apparel Group. We have a vast selection of summer fashion must-haves from trusted brands like shoe maestros Crocs, super-stylish men’s fashion LC Waikiki, and family-friendly outlet R&B. And for those zen moments when you can feel the sun’s rays on your face and your spirit is still, the perfect body care products from Rituals. We have everything for the perfect summer.

Two men and two women outside by the pool wearing R&B summer clothing
R&B Summer Fashion Clothing

Here are our ten must-haves to make your summer complete:

1. Sunglasses – Look Cool and Keep Your Eyes Protected

If you are missing this critical must-have, a gorgeous pair of sunglasses, you are not ready for summer. Look for fashionable ones that offer good UV protection for your eyes to keep them safe.

A model wearing Ardene's Sunglasses from Grand Centrale
Ardene's Sunglasses from Grand Centrale

2. Flip Flops and Sandals – Set Your Feet Free

Release your toes from the confines of boots and shoes and slip into flippies this summer. We love Crocs’s fun and funky options that look amazing and massage your feet with every step.

A woman holding Crocs Flip Flops
Crocs Flip Flops for Women

3. Shorts – Cute and Comfy

Shorts are an absolute must-have for the beach or a day in the park, and this season’s lightweight denim options are bang on trend too. Avoid those dated cut-down jeans versions and go for something more tailored.

A woman walking outdoors wearing R&B clothing
R&B Clothing for Women

4. Floaty Summer Dresses – The Lightness of Cotton

Dreamy, floaty summer dresses are feminine, and the gossamer fabrics also help you stay relaxed and comfortable. Floral prints are big this season, as are bold geometric designs. Choose one that suits your personality.

A woman wearing a purple summer dress from LC Waikiki
A Purple Summer Dress from LC Waikiki

5. Summer Evening Outfits – A Unique Summer Night Out

With balmy evenings and warm breezes, we still want to look bright for those special summer events. Make sure you add a couple more formal outfits to your summer fashion wardrobe this season, using sophisticated tailored lines and gorgeously lightweight fabrics.

A woman wearing a summer and evening outfit from LC Waikiki
An Evening Outfit from LC Waikiki

6. Something for the Kids – Adorable Outfits

Summertime is all about family days at the beach or the park, so make sure the little ones are dressed to impress with adorable outfits that cover up and protect delicate skin. Remember to add a hat into the mix to keep them cool and comfortable, as well as kid’s Crocs that are perfect for splashing about in the waves.

Three kids at the beach wearing R&B Clothing for Kids
R&B Clothing for Kids

7. Skincare Products – Nourish Your Skin

Exposure to the sun can quickly dry out your skin. Keep it nourished and hydrated with luxury skincare products essential to your summer fashion must-haves. We adore the collection of premium skincare products from Rituals – sensually indulgent and guaranteed to make your skin silky smooth and soft.

Rituals Skincare products
New Limited Edition – M'Gouna Collection from Rituals

8. Sun Cream – Stay Safe in the Sun.

This is an absolute no-brainer because if there is one thing that will ruin your summer, it is burnt, sore and dried-out skin. Use a high-SPF sun cream and keep applying it throughout the day. Having a tube of 50+ in your beach bag for the kids is essential. Remember to put it onto those vulnerable areas such as your ears, neck, shoulders and face.

9. Hats – Floppy and Funky

Hats do not just keep the sun out of your eyes; they look super cool too. From modern baseball or trucker caps to fabulously floppy straw or fabric options, go big, bold, and stay calm.

10. Perfume – Your Signature Summer Fragrance

To finish your summer fashion ensemble, you need a signature perfume that reminds you of sunny days and special times with family and friends. Summer perfumes should be light, floral and delicate. We love M’Gouna from Rituals, a delightfully fun and feminine fragrance that is just perfect for the summer months.

M'Gouna Perfume from Rituals
M'Gouna Perfume from Rituals

We have everything, whether you seek stylish outfits, trendy accessories, or essentials. Prepare to unleash your summer spirit and make unforgettable memories with various collections from all our brands.