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August 2022

Complete your ‘Back-to-School’ checklist with 6thStreet.com

Three kids sitting on boxes among cotton clouds holding school supplies

Get the kids excited for their first day back to school with a refresh of their essentials and gear for a new year of learning. 6thStreet.com has launched its ‘Back-to-School’ campaign with every school essential in one online shop.

Find a huge collection of school supplies like bags, shoes, stationery, sportswear, accessories and more now on 6thStreet.com. Moreover, the campaign will highlight special curations like black, white and sports shoes, character-inspired and generic bags, themed stationery and so much more. Shoppers can also find Back-to-School collections from popular brands like Skechers, Simba, Adidas, Nike, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Herschel, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma and many more.