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A global leader in the performance and lifestyle footwear industry, Skechers USA, Inc. designs, develops and markets more than 3,000 styles for men, women and children. Skechers’ success stems from its employees, high-quality, varied product offering, diversified domestic and international distribution channels, and targeted multi-channel marketing.

The Company offers two distinct footwear categories: a lifestyle division and performance footwear. Through licensing agreements, the company also offers branded apparel, accessories and more.

Embarking on the sacred journey of Hajj is a momentous occasion, filled with spiritual significance and personal reflection. At Skechers, we understand the importance of this pilgrimage and strive to make your experience as comfortable and memorable as possible. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our Limited Edition Hajj Collection, specially designed to provide comfort and support throughout your journey, Whether you’re briskly moving between rituals or spending extended periods standing in prayer, our Hajj Collection features air-cooled memory foam and breathable uppers that will keep your feet cool and comfortable. The lightweight materials and supportive soles provide excellent shock absorption, reducing fatigue