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  • Blood Donation Campaign.
a Group of People Donate Blood at Aldo's Store
  • Earth Hour.
a Group of People Standing Beside a Truck of Earth Hour
  • Mini-me at work.
a Clown Playing with Kids
  • TOMS X Senses Residential and Day Care Centre for People of determination.
a Group of People Sitting and Playing with Balls
  • Dubai Fitness Challenge.
a Group of People in Black Doing Exercises Outside
  • Smile Cookie – Tim Hortons.
a Group of Workers Holding Smile Cookies
  • Clean Up UAE.
a Group of People Wearing T shirts and Hats with Events Logo and Holding Apparel Group Signboard
  • Pink Walkathon. – Stretch & Grow.
a Group of People Wearing White T shirts and Pink Hats with Breast Cancer Logo Holding Apparel Group Signboard
  • Breast Cancer Survivors.
a Group of Women Holding Bouquets of Flowers