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December 2022

Apparel Group joins UAE’s race for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 

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  • Apparel Group to support the UAE’s decarbonization drive in line with the UAE net zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative 
  • Apparel Group was among the first companies to sign the UAE Alliance for Climate Action (UACA) pledge during COP 27 
  • Apparel Group is prioritizing environmental initiatives as they prepare for COP 28 which will be hosted in Dubai, UAE.    

Apparel Group, a leading global fashion, and lifestyle retail conglomerate made a significant stride by joining a select group of major UAE organizations in signing the ‘UAE Climate Responsible Companies Pledge. This pledge aims to increase the engagement of the private sector in the country’s decarbonization drive, aligned with the UAE Net Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative.  

 Apparel Group was among the first companies to sign the UACA pledge. The World Wild Fund (WWF) launched a Global Alliances for Climate Action (ACA) in 2017; this is a global network of alliances driven by a strong coalition of like-minded civil society that are driving climate action. UAE Alliance for Climate Action (UACA) is the first alliance in the MENA region and will be fully endorsed by Gonzalo Munoz & Manuel Pulgar Vidal. UACA pledge was announced by Emirates Nature WWF earlier this year during COP 27, a supporting implementation project of MOCCAE’s Climate-Responsible Pledge.  

UAE Climate Responsible companies pledge is a National commitment for private companies to set and achieve science-based targets to reduce the environmental impact in line with the UAE government’s agenda to achieve carbon emission neutrality by 2050. Apparel Group is prioritizing environmental initiatives as they prepare for COP 28 which will be hosted in Dubai, UAE.  By 2030, the Dubai government intends to reduce carbon emissions by 31%. Apparel Group is developing a strategy to align with government targets. 

Neeraj Teckchandani, CEO of Apparel group said, “Joining the UAE Climate-Responsible Companies Pledge and UACA global pledge is closely aligned with Apparel Group’s strategy to embrace this vision and reaffirms our commitment to adopting enhanced measures to drive transparency and promote environmental protection. We look forward to being part of this collaborative and collective effort across our stakeholders, private companies, and international entities.” 

Apparel Group, a climate-conscious and responsible private sector company in the UAE, commits to rise up to the challenge by: 

· Measuring and reporting their GHG emissions in a transparent manner, developing measurable plans in line with national sectoral climate targets to reduce our carbon footprint, and sharing these plans with the UAE government to contribute to achieving the national net-zero target by 2050 or earlier; 

 · Factoring in climate change mitigation and adaptation measures as core principles of their businesses and operational models;  

· Encouraging and engaging stakeholders including, for example, suppliers; partners; and consumers; to actively take part in climate action to help the UAE reach Net Zero by 2050; and  

· Adopting an all-inclusive approach that engages youth, women, and vulnerable segments of society in developing their net-zero plans.  

Apparel Group Net Zero pledge will take the form of strategic planning and action to ensure its operations achieve the target or net zero carbon emissions by 2050, while also influencing the entire value chain to take sustainable and measurable actions.