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The name Havaianas is Portuguese for Hawaiians. The first pair was born in 1962, based on traditional Japanese sandals known as Zori, whose soles are made of rice straw. The texture of Havaianas’ rubber soles is like rice grains, one of many details that make Havaianas unmistakable. Havaianas has been spreading the Brazilian spirit worldwide since 1962, with its iconic rubber sole and bright, colourful, summer-infused designs. A global leader in the sandals category, with over 252 million pairs sold yearly in over 100 countries, Havaianas have become synonymous with the summer spirit worldwide and are a must-have for beach lovers. At first, Havaianas came only in blue and white. But in 1969, a new green version of the Havaianas was created due to a manufacturing error. Bad luck? We think not. The new model was a hit, opening possibilities and new colours such as brown, yellow and black. Continuing its momentum in the 90s, Havaianas launched its very first floral print with the hibiscus flowers – the first of many printed Havaianas. The 90s, as we already know, was a turning point for the brand. The trend of turning the Havaianas’ white side downwards, leaving the coloured part up, created sandals that seemed to have just one colour—this inspired launch of the Havaianas ‘Top’ style, now available in 15 colours.