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June 2024

Apparel Group’s Vacation Outfit Guide: Pack Products from Your Favourite Apparel Group Brands That Fit Every Destination!

Look into the dynamic list of vacation clothes that you should take with you this summer to all your destinations!

Welcome to the ultimate guide to vacation style, brought to you by four diverse brands under the Apparel Group umbrella. Whether you are jetting off to a tropical destination, exploring bustling streets, or embarking on a nature retreat, the Apparel Group’s collection of brands, including Steve Madden, Herschel, F5, and Skechers, has got you covered with the perfect ensemble for every destination this summer.


Regarding summer vacation outfits, F5 stands out as the ultimate choice for style and comfort. Whether lounging on the beach, exploring a new city, or enjoying outdoor adventures, F5’s clothing ensures you stay cool and chic all summer with its breathable material. So, pack your bags with F5 pieces and prepare to make a fashion statement wherever your summer travels take you!


Regarding summer essential footwear, Havaianas is the ultimate brand for slides and flip-flops. Renowned for their Brazilian-inspired designs and high-quality rubber construction, Havaianas offers the perfect blend of style and comfort for summer adventures. With a wide range of colourful designs and patterns, Havaianas lets you express your unique style while keeping your feet cool and comfortable in the summer heat. So, slip on a pair of Havaianas slides or flip-flops and elevate your vacation look with a Brazilian flair!


SKECHERS offers a variety of options that are perfect for vacation adventures. Their Uno sneakers collection stands out with its blend of style and comfort, making it ideal for exploring new destinations. Additionally, Skechers provides a range of versatile options for summer, ensuring you can find the perfect pair to keep you stylish and comfortable throughout your vacation.


Herschel provides an array of travel essentials tailored for summer vacations. From sleek backpacks to durable duffel bags, their collection seamlessly combines style and functionality. Ideal for exploring new destinations or embarking on outdoor adventures, Herschel’s travel gear ensures you stay organised and prepared throughout your journey. With their attention to detail and commitment to quality, Herschel offers the perfect luggage solutions to accompany you on your summer travels, making every trip a stylish and hassle-free experience.

Steve Madden

Steve Madden’s allure lies in its sophistication and chic aesthetic, making it a go-to choice for summer vacations. The brand’s diverse footwear and accessories blend style with practicality, ensuring you are both fashion-forward and comfortable during your summer adventures. Steve Madden’s collections, from sleek sandals to versatile handbags, offer the perfect accompaniment to any summer ensemble.

Whether you are jetting off to a tropical paradise, exploring bustling streets, or embarking on a nature retreat, the Apparel Group’s diverse range of brands have you covered with the perfect vacation-ready styles. From Skechers’ versatile footwear options to Herschel’s functional and stylish travel gear and F5’s breathable and summery outfits, there is something for every destination and every traveller. With Apparel Group brands, you can pack confidently, knowing you will arrive at your summer getaway fully equipped with the latest fashion and travel essentials. So, as you prepare for your next adventure, trust Apparel Group to provide you with everything you need to make your summer vacation unforgettable.