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Allo Beirut

Allo Beirut

For Everyone, All Day, Every Day!
Allo Beirut proudly revives the nostalgic feel of Beirut’s Golden Age of cultural vibrancy and culinary cosmopolitanism through mouth-watering street food that takes you back to late-night cravings on Bliss Street and early-morning road trips to Bekaa or Byblos.

With a diverse menu, we have successfully provided our customers with menu categories for every meal of the day.
Allo Beirut offers the best Lebanese street food and culture, with a menu of traditional favourites prepared to stay true to their authentic formats and flavors —done well.

Allo Beirut’s interior pays homage to Beirut’s golden age—a contemporary take on 1960s Levantine design with a fresh outlook on Middle Eastern pop culture. It is a mix of old and new that instils nostalgia with its eye-catching illustrations, bold colours, and a splash of kitsch apparent throughout the space and concept branding.

Allo Beirut’s interior layout is an unmistakable representation of a typical Beirut Street corner, chock-full of food vendors lined up beside one another, each specialising in the craft of their unique offering. The open kitchen stalls are reminiscent of how you would commonly see a shawarma or falafel stall conveniently adjoining a juice bar or a bakery and an ice cream parlour: Independent offerings that naturally complement one another under one roof.